20 years ago, the founders of Dressing Life's Wounds, J.Rude and Maka, were already creating a love for street fashion with just a printer and an iron. Today, they have taken their passion from a childhood past-time to a clothing line all their own.

Dressing Life's Wounds comes from many years of hardwork and lessons learned. We strive to dress life's wounds with style and grace, taking our inspiration from skate, snow, hip hop & electronic culture. Established in 2012 in East Vancouver, DLW aims to express itself through fine cut apparel, authentic deer hide leather, Canadian tailoring and professional screen printing with the rudest touch.  


Co-Owner of DLW and snowboarding lifestyle fanatic


Co-Owner of DLW and featured music artist


Taking care of all things media for the DLW brand, and a Vancouver based music producer